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3 Ways of Selling On Facebook with Shopify

Selling on Facebook with Shopify is one of the best approaches for entrepreneurs facing budgetary constraints. With fewer resources and few dimes, you can set of your virtual selling journey which brings together social media and e-commerce giants under one roof – Facebook is the leading social platform while Shopify is the king in E-commerce field. Hence, combining the two companies opens your door to becoming a top ranking webpreneur.

You know the phrase if you want to be an eagle be in the companies of the eagles. However, there is no guarantee that having a Shopify Facebook Store will earn you success. Like any other platform, online stores do fail. But to save you from the same predicament, here are three ways of selling on Facebook Store with Shopify:

Using the Facebook Buy Button

Do you have a Shopify store? Making a sale is an aim in your heart. You want to convert any visitor coming your way into a buyer. However, for a customer to purchase in your online store, they need to follow several processes. Having many steps which require a customer to click this then that kills their ambitions. This way, you fail to achieve your sales securing goal. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by having a Facebook Buy Button. This aspect involves having a buy button on your retargeting Facebook ads. The button allows customers to purchase their preferred products from your online store directly. Hence, they do not have to log in to your page. By this, you enhance their convenience while increasing your sales.

Building a Shopify Facebook store

At times, you may not have the required capital to set up an online store. But this is not a reason to quit your virtual selling dream. Shopify comes with a plan specified for social media. The plan allows you to connect your Facebook business page with Shopify and start selling to your social media followers. The virtuous thing about this plan is that you only pay $9 per month which is affordable compared to other packages.

Selling Facebook with Shopify app

Certainly, you might have an online store housed on Shopify. However, you do not know how to turn your Facebook followers into customers. The good news is that Shopify has come up with an app to help you actualize this dream. Al you need is to add it and connect your store to your Facebook page.

In a word, you do not have a reason to hinder you from selling on Facebook with Shopify. Try one of these ways.

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