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This Is How to Integrate Your Shopify Store with Facebook

As a webpreneur, you desire to make your customer purchasing process simple. You do not want your clients to spend an hour trying to find a way to purchase a product or service in your store. Such an occurrence will lead to loss of sales. The best news is you can simplify your selling process through integrating your Shopify store with Facebook.

Through this, your customers will have a chance to buy from your store as they continue sharing jokes, posting, and commenting on their peers’ social pages. Also, you will utilize your conversions as only a few visitors will fail to convert to customers. But how do you do this? Here are steps to integrating your Shopify store with Facebook:

Ensure your business has a Facebook page

The initial step to selling on Facebook is having a Facebook page for your business. You must create a page and publish it before setting of your journey. For easier selling, your page should have at least 100 followers. Also, the page must have an icon for creating an online store or shop. Your page must be published. If you already have a Facebook page, you should have the admin rights to enable you to move on with the integration process.

Add a Facebook sales channel

Upon having a Facebook page and ensuring you have met the requirements, the next step is establishing a Facebook sales channel and connecting it to your Facebook account. All you need to do is clicking on the admin section of your Shopify account. On this part, click the + icon. Here you will find a button for adding sales channels.

Select Facebook and add it as a sales channel. After this, you need to choose the Facebook account you associate with your Shopify store. However, you need to wait for two days or 48 hours for Facebook to review your store to either accept or reject it.

Start selling on Facebook

When Facebook accepts your Shopify store integration, the next step is listing your products. Here, you place what you are planning to offer to your customers. Then you can set their prices. With this, your Shopify store will be ready to drive sales on your site through Facebook. However, you need to develop a marketing plan. You can use social networks and Facebook ads as your marketing channel.

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