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Here Is Why Shopify Is the Best E-Commerce Platform to Sell Products on Facebook

 Did you know selling is a social interaction? If you didn’t, read on. For any sale to take place, a customer and a seller must interact and discuss on the way forward. Even with the trend changing to virtual platforms, socializing in business transactions remains intact. As a webpreneur, you need to consider your e-commerce platform to ensure it offers adequate space for socialization. In particular, your platform must have social media icons.

Above all, it should have the ability to connect with Facebook. As you may know, Facebook is the leading social platform. Also, at least 20% of online shoppers in the US state that they use it as the selling point. Facebook offers you an opportunity to create a free online shop. But here are three reasons why you should sell on Facebook with Shopify:

­ It is affordable for newbies and startups

Selling online is not a simple affair for newbies and startups. Unlike the established businesses, hosting and domain purchasing costs are obstacles for the small ventures. Most of them end up closing down or giving up on their dreams due to the high cost. However, with only $9 per month, your startup can reach out to customers and start selling online. With the Shopify Lite plan, you can connect your Facebook business page and establish an online shop. As such, Shopify enables you to sell on Facebook at an affordable cost.

­ Opportunity for customers to use their preferred payment gateways

One limitation of selling on the Facebook store is payment gateway. Facebook offers your customer Stripe as the only payment processing option. As such, if your country does not support it, making a sale will be a hard tackle.

When selling on Facebook with Shopify, you overcome this obstacle. Shopify offers you an opportunity to add several payment options. Your customers can use credit cards, PayPal, or any other payment mode that aligns with their preferences. Hence, you will not lose a sale due to a checkout related issue.

­ Multiple functionalities and apps to support your venture growth

Growth is a primary goal of every business. You want to expand your business and customer base. As the business grows, its operations become complex. Hence, you need functionalities and apps to maintain your business simplicity as well as enhance your customer experience.  Shopify offers you an array of features and apps for achieving these objectives. Hence, it supports your business growth and expansion.

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